how to win grand league in dream 11

How to win the Grand League in dream 11?

How to win the Grand League on Dream 11? Secret Hack

Dream 11 is the fantasy sports application through which you can win lots of money in the Grand League just by your sports skills.

It is not very much hard but with the right strategies and techniques, you can easily win the Grand League in Dream 11.

We will share all the hidden techniques which many people used to win the grand league.

Some Winnings of Grand League

dream 11 winnings
dream 11 winnings
dream 11 winnings
dream 11 winnings
dream 11 winnings
dream 11 winnings

These are some of the winnings that people send us after winning from our guidelines.

In Dream 11 there are different kinds of contests yet you should focus on the best way to win dream11 mega contests.

Like in Mega contests there are thousands and lakhs of teams take an interest for a little passage expense and your winnings will be as indicated by what your rank is.

There are “Hot contests” and “More contests” with the differed winning sum contingent on the no. of taking an interesting team. With us, you can figure out how to win a dream 11 mega challenge.

Let’s start How to win Grand League?

How to select which match to play?

  • There are lots of matches played daily in Dream 11.
  • We don’t have to play all the matches.
  • We have to play that match which we have all the knowledge about players, pitch reports, weather reports, previous matches reports.
  • Matches which are of another country rather than India are more profitable as every person knows every detail of Indian cricket teams and news are easily available.
  • Always select matches which are of other countries
  • Selecting the match is the first step towards your winnings of the Grand League. So, choose wisely.
how to select match in grand league

How to select which Grand League to join?

  • After selecting the match to play the next step is to select which mega contest to join.
  • In one match there are many mega contests is created.
  • Always try to join that mega contest which has less number of entries.
  • You can see the number of entries under the entry-amount.
  • The minimum number of entries the higher is your chance to win in that league.
  • Always join more than one mega contest so that if you win one day then you can win lots of amount in different leagues.
  • Always join the leagues before 24 hours of the match.
  • Joining a match before 24 hours gives you time to do research on the match and helps you to make good teams.
how to select grand league in grand league

How many Teams use to join the Grand League?

  • After selecting the leagues which have to select how many teams should we join in the match
  • According to the latest update of Dream 11, we can make 11 teams in one match.
  • So use this and make 11 teams from one account and increase the possibility of your winning.
  • Trick- Create a WhatsApp group of your 4-5 friends and play together.
  • Every 5 of you make 11 teams so now you all have 55 teams for one match.
  • Playing with 55 teams rather than 11 teams will eventually increase your winning chance.
  • Choose different 55 combinations in all your 55 teams.
  • Share your winnings among yourself.
  • This trick definitely works to increase your group and your winning chances will also increase. ๐Ÿ™‚
how many teams to use in grand league in dream 11

How to choose 11 players in the match?

  • After all the above steps you have completed this is the most important step of selecting the players.
  • Out of 22 players of both the teams you have to select the 11 players which will perform best from both teams.
  • Trick – Take a risk on an inform player by removing it from the team.
  • For example, if Virat is scoring good runs in every match then remove him from your team because 80% of teams have Virat in it and if Virat gets out early then your team will get ahead from 80% of teams.
  • Take a risk on out of form player. For example, if Rohit is not getting out early in previous matches then take him and make him Captain. This will make your team unique.
  • Always take 1-2 unique players in your every team, if you don’t do this your team will be the same as other teams.
how to choose 11 players in grand league

How to choose Captain and Vice-Captain in the Grand League?

  • Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain is one of the most difficult tasks in the making of the team.
  • As you are playing with 11 or 55 teams so it will play a very good role in selecting the Captain and Vice-Captain for Grand league teams.
  • Trick- Rotate your Captain and Vice-Captain in all the teams which you have created.
  • Make all the possible combinations of the captain and vice-captain from the players which always scored.
  • Also, make out of form players as a captain and vice-captain in different teams with different combinations.
  • Don’t underestimate the bowlers, they can be the game-changer in most of the matches as the points of the wicket-taking are increased.
  • Always try the bowler as the Captain or Vice-captain in different combinations to make your teams unique.
how to choose c and vc in grand league

Some more winnings

grand league winnings
grand league winnings
grand league winnings


Winning Grand League is not a one day game. You have to take time and should be consistent in Dream 11 if you really want to win big in Dream 11.

Making risky teams will give you 2 results either you can win a big amount or nothing at all. So never lose hope and learn from your mistakes and play consistently.

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