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Digital Marketing | Types | Jobs

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the technique used to do marketing through online mediums like social media, websites, mobile applications, web applications, email, search engines, or any new digital media.

Or we can say…

Digital marketing is reaching the targetted customers or clients through electronic devices.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

What is digital marketing
Why Digital Marketing is Important?

The number of time peoples is spending on the internet is increasing day by day. In fact, according to the survey and average young teenage of India is using about 5-6 hours on their electronic device.

This might scare you, but in every 10-15 minutes, we used to check our smartphones.

These data indicate that more than 80% of the audience or are available on the internet these days.

Because of this reason, it is very important to promote your business or any service through the internet.

Types of Digital Marketing:-

There are many types of digital Marketing some of them are as follows:-

1.Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
2.Pay-Per-Click Advertising(PPC)
3.Social Media Marketing
4.Content Marketing
5.Influencer Marketing
6.Affiliate Marketing
7.Email Marketing
8.Mobile Phone Advertising

1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO in Digital Marketing
How did search engine optimization work in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of increasing any company or any website ranking on the top page of google through organic(Not-Paid)search results.

If a user searches for a specific keyword like ‘Digital Marketing’ in the search engine like google then the website or blogs which will appear on the first page of the google are all optimized through search engine optimization.

Organic search results are used to rank on the first page of the search engine.

2. Pay-Per-Click Advertising(PPC)

PPC in Digital Marketing
What is PPC in Digital Marketing?

There are two ways to get ranked in google one is SEO and another one is PPC.

Search Engine Optimization Rank your website organically(Not-Paid) but it takes lots of time and effort.

But if someone wants to rank their website on the very first day of their website then they have to purchase a certain keyword that is suitable for their website.

The most commonly used and optimized search platform is Google AdWords. Another is Bing Ads.

3. Social Media Marketing

SMM in Digital Marketing
What is SMM in Digital Marketing?

Till now we know that Social media is a crucial part of our marketing strategy.

But do you know social media gives us a wide range of audiences in a short period and with fewer efforts?

Social Media allows us to connect with our customers very easily. And by connecting with customers we can take their valuable feedbacks that makes it very simple to improve customer service, products or services.

Using Social media we can gain more reach when we post quality content.

Everything we do to increase our business through social media platforms is known as Social media Marketing.

4. Content Marketing

Content writing in digital marketing
What is Content writing in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is all about the content which you are providing to your users to generate sales or leads.

Content can be of any form like in blogs, youtube videos, tweets all are under the category of content.

Whenever you are creating content always keep in mind the audience for which you are creating your content.

Consider the language your audience wants to listen to or read.

And always use your keywords to boost your Search Engine Optimization.

5. Influencer Marketing

What is influencer Marketing in Digital Marketing
What is Influencer marketing in Digital Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a kind of new marketing strategy.

It uses the people who have a large number of online as well as social media reach to the target market by driving traffic from their reach and getting traffic and sales.

It is the most popular in social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and these days TikTok is getting more famous in this field.

Companies pay to the Instagrammer who has a large number of followings to promote their brand by posting about their products on their platform.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in Digital Marketing
What is Affiliate Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is getting a commission for every third party product you sold.

If a person has a large number of audiences on any platform then they can promote any third party product and when every product is sold the person gets some percentage of the product.

One of the largest platforms for affiliate marketing is Amazon

If you have an audience in any of your platform like youtube, Instagram, Blogs then Affiliate marketing can be your passive income stream.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing in Digital Marketing
What is email marketing in digital marketing?

Email Marketing is used to update your email subscribers regularly about the new updates on your company.

This builds brand trust as well as brand loyalty.

The best way for email marketing involves a list of customers that you have earned by your content and company.

8. Mobile Phone Advertising

mobile phone advertisement in Digital Marketing
What is a Mobile phone advertisement?

Every type of digital marketing can happen on mobile phones.

Some types of marketing using mobile devices do not fit the above types of digital marketing.

One example of this is SMS advertising.

You can prompt SMS to your customers regarding special offers, coupons, and any new updates about your company.

Career / Jobs in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director
  • Web Developer & Web Designer
  • Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager
  • SEO Executive/Expert
  • PPC/SEM Expert
  • Content Marketer

1. Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director

You can say this is perhaps the most noteworthy situation in the field of Digital Marketing.

To achieve this position one should, at any rate, have 5-7 years of involvement with Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing Manager/Director takes care of the general promoting advancement concocting techniques that will drive more traffic, undertaking computerized showcasing efforts, making enhancements in a site and refreshing it routinely, and so forth

2. Web Developer & Web Designer

These are the individuals liable for those awesome sites that you go over on the web.

The terms web engineer and website specialist are utilized conversely however the job of a web designer is a particular one though website specialist does a ton of things

As a web engineer/fashioner, you’ll be answerable for structuring, coding and altering sites making it engaging and easy to use.

3. Social Media Executive and Social Media Manager

Employment in internet-based life is perhaps the coolest activity, however, don’t confuse it with just Tweeting and Facebooking, there is a whole other world to it.

As an online life executive/manager you are required to keep a beware of the most recent internet-based life patterns and plan techniques in like manner, co-ordinate with the substance group and customer overhauling group on ordinary premises, making quality substance or video and so forth.

Information pretty much all the online networking stages and a ton of inventiveness are an absolute necessity for this activity job.

4. SEO Executive/Expert

A well-planned website will be of no utilization if the organization doesn’t have individuals who can advance it and in this way, the organization contracts Web optimization administrators who ensure that the organization’s website is everywhere throughout the web.

Web optimization administrators are answerable for getting traffic on the website and improving the Google rankings.

They need to ensure that the substance on the website is search well disposed, lead watchword investigates, examine about Web optimization apparatuses, construct sitemaps and submit them and so on.

5. PPC/SEM Expert

The occasionally valuable and now and then bothering promotions that we referenced above are made by these individuals.

They create a ton of leads for the organization and along these lines, there is an extraordinary interest for PPC experts.

As a PPC/SEM master, you should oversee PPC watchwords, split advertisement gatherings, refine points of arrival, create reports, give proposals to promotion duplicates and designs, and so forth.

6. Content Marketer

If you feel that you can write superior to anything that is as of now they’re on the web then you are ideal for this job.

Duties of a content marketer incorporate creating content that has all the characteristics of becoming a web sensation, ensuring that the content is advanced well through SEO, organizing with different groups and fusing their contributions to content, after content patterns, and so forth.

To get into content promoting you will require immaculate information on the English language alongside a great deal of imagination.

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